Build A Super-Fast Website

Aryx WordPress Theme comes with tons of features. Build a faster website with the most lightweight theme. From faster pagespeed to customization, Aryx got all covered.


Built-in Optimization Settings

Built-in optimization setting in Aryx is key feature that makes Aryx the most powerful WordPress theme ever. Aryx gives you 3 different optimization options to optimize your site.

Super Lightweight

Aryx requires less than 40KB of resources with default Wordpress settings where other WordPress themes requires more than 100. This makes Aryx the most lightweight theme on the market.

Half Sec Load Time

Being the most lightweight theme Aryx loads very fast. It takes just half second to load Aryx.

Optimised Code

Aryx is built for speed and performance. Each line of Aryx's codebase is written in-house to ensure the best optimization.


Header & Footer Layout

Aryx comes with different header & footer layout options to choose form. You can choose layout for header area, footer widget area & footer bar area seperetly.

Container Layout

Aryx also enables you choose different content area size for different pages from one place. Fixed Width, Full Width or Custom Width you got the full control.

Sidebar Layout

Aryx has dedicated sidebar layout option for every pages. Choose where you want to use sidebar and where you don't.

Color & Typography

Aryx come with seperate color & typography settings. Choose you desired colors, background & font that better represents your brand identity.


Default Container

Aryx already has a default container settings built-in called "Default Content Layout". You can set different container size for every page or set everything to "Default Content Layout" to follow the default settings in the customizer.

Fixed Width

With "Fixed Width" you can keep your page content in a centered box. This increases the readability of the content & distinguish from other content from the page.

Full Width

You can also go full width of your browser's visible area. Just select the "Full Width" and Aryx will autometically adjust to width of the browser.

Custom Width

With Aryx's "Container Width" settings you can set your primary content to any size you want. Just move the slider or put you desired value in the input box, this will autometically override the default container width.

Colors & Background

Header Color

Aryx gives you the ability to choose color or custom background of the primary header area. You can also change the menu link & mobile menu color.

General colors

Aryx lets you change color for the overall site to match your brand color. Use General Colors to manage site's primary color, text & menu color & background color.

Button Color

Aryx also comes with the option to change the button colors from a single place. You can change both the default & hover color for buttons.

Footer Color

With Aryx's color options you can change Footer Widget & Footer Bar's area color seperately. You can also change the footer link colos from the same place.


Google Fonts

Aryx comes with 900+ google fonts to choose from. This gives you the best typography exprience for your site.

Heading Typography

With Aryx you can change typography for every heading sizes. Form H1 to H6, you can define font for each seperately.

Title Typography

Aryx also gives you the privilage to chage the page or post's title font seperately. Use "Title Typogrphy" to apply your desired changes.

Base Typography

Want to change the body font of the site? Use "Base Typography" to change the body or paragraph font of your site.

Font Size & Weight

With Aryx you can declare different font size & thickness for each typography. Aryx also gives you the privilage to use your favorite unit- PX or EM to change the font size.

Text Transform

Aryx also allows you to change the text transformation not only for the Heading tags but also for the body, paragraph & titles.



Aryx is built keeping the page builder integration in mind. Aryx has total support to use Elementor page builder to create awesome & beautiful websites.


Create awesome ecommerce website with Aryx easily. Aryx has seamless integration with WooCommerce. Aryx also comes with prebuilt shop launcher sites. Just import the launcher site you like and you are ready to sell.

Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

Variation Swatches For WooCommerce gives you awesome experience for WooCommerce product variations. Choose beautiful color, image and buttons swatches For your WooCommerce products.

Contact Form 7

Aryx has full inegration with Contact Form 7.


Aryx Is Free

Aryx is totally free to download. Just download and start creating your awesome site.